Possibly the best Traveler Kit EVER. Great for travel or just visiting friends and family!

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  • Complete travel protection kit!
  • For the protection against bacterial and viral infection
  • 15 pieces of quality PPE products including respirators and face-masks
  • Easy and convenient to use, even in difficult situations
  • Great value for money

The kit bag and poly's are made from 99,9% antimicrobial material reducing transfer of certain bacteria, virus, molds and fungi.


  • 6 pcs large single use antiseptic 75% alcohol wipes
  • 1 pair of EN455 compliant nitrile gloves, powder free
  • 5 pcs KN95 respirators
  • 2 pcs 3 layer non-medical face masks, EN14683 compliant
  • 1 pair of water proof shoe covers 

The Safe Traveler Kit is the perfect companion. Buy yours today from thesafertraveler.com


Traveling can cause you a lot of stress. Traveling during the current unprecedented situation the world is facing only exponentially adds to that stress!

But at thesafertraveler.com, we are here to put your mind at ease by leveraging our considerable experience to introduce our pioneering the Safe Traveler kit.

The Kit was designed keeping the new normal in mind and contains everything you’d require to ensure maximum safety on your journey, essentially making it a one-stop-shop and a must-have for every traveler. 

The Kit contains 15 pieces of high quality PPE products providing excellent value for your money. It comes with easy to follow instructions and a re-sealable trash pouch on the backside for convenient disposal of used items.

No matter the situation, such as sitting in the middle seat on a plane, a moving train, a family traveling by car or bus, and more; now you can enjoy the peace of mind that stems from premium quality, and safety.

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