We only sell quality products

We invent, design and manufacture our own products, to help you travel safe.

We also sell products from credible manufactures that we have researched properly. We validate their standing with the FDA, and their local government as required.

We inspect the products we source at the manufacturer, before they are shipped to our warehouse in Kentucky, and again at our warehouse before we ship to you.


We are a real company, owned by real people

US owned and operated, which is where we pay tax on profits, no tax haven here!

We ship from within the US, from our warehouse in Kentucky.

We are whitelisted with Google for advertising our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products.

You can always call or email us, our contact information is readily available on this website.

You can read more about me and the company here: https://thesafertraveler.com/pages/about-us


You are fully protected

We offer full buyer protection. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money!

We call it “Hassle-free money back guarantee” and it’s valid for 30 days from purchase. It means that you can let us know via email, and we will action your request within 1 business day.

We never see nor store your payment information. We use Shopify Pay, so when you shop with us, they handle your payment information safely and securely, like they do for thousands of online shops and millions of consumers.


We know travel

We are seasoned travelers, with more than 65 years of collective travel between us, we have seen most anything.

My husband has served the travel industry for more than 13 years, spending in excess of 180 days on the road for the past years prior to Covid-19.

We have travelled alone and as a family, across the US and across the globe with our children from when they were only babies, changing diapers in almost all conditions.

We have experienced delays, cancellations, lost luggage, bad hotels, long flights as well as endless hours in security and immigration.


We are in this for the long game

We have researched the products we sell thoroughly, and we have created a long-term plan for how we will develop our business, to continuously provide products that adds value to people’s lives.

We believe in what we do, helping you travel safely!