WELCOME to www.thesafertraveler.com, Your source for high quality PPE and Travel Safety products, compliant with US regulations and listed on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization list. Products that provides the protection you are looking for.

www.thesafertraveler.com is US owned and operated by Firmum Trading LLC (www.firmumtrading.com). Firmum Trading LLC also operates the brand www.facemasksfortravelers.com, your source of high quality KN95 5 layer (5 PLY) Respirators listed on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization list, 3 layer (3 PLY) Face Masks compliant with EN14683 standards as well as other masks and related products.

Firmum Trading LLC's sister company Firmum Medical I/S (www.firmummedical.com) based in Denmark, is registered as a medical device distributor with the Danish Medicine Agency (https://laegemiddelstyrelsen.dk/en/)

We invent, design and manufacturer products in Denmark and Asia, for our stores in the US.

Firmum Trading LLC and its brands, are also whitelisted on Google to sell PPE products.


I am a traveler by heart. Growing up in a time when air travel still was uncommon, I did my first intercontinental trip to San Francisco when I was 17. It was amazing and since then I have travelled much of the world, both for business and leisure. I have lived in different countries on different continents.

29 years ago I met my husband who has been travelling since he was a young man, a road warrior with an average of 180 days of annual travel. We own the business together.

Collectively we have been on thousands of flights during the past 29 years, moved through airports of all sizes from small single gates, to the busiest airports in the world. We have experienced the post 9/11 travel world and during 2020, we have seen the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

We are both passionate travelers and we are confident that the travel sector will come through this situation as it has all others. However there will be new challenges as governments, airports and airlines are adapting to the pandemic.

I have created www.thesafertraveler.com as a trusted source of high quality Respirators and Face Masks that provides the protection you are looking for. I am very focused on the hard tried travel community, particularly road warriors, travel enthusiasts and families, faced with navigating the increasing amount of challenges in both business and leisure travel. Particularly with the Covid-19 – Corona virus pandemic. However, everyone looking for high quality Respirators and Face Masks are welcome.

I ensure that my manufacturers themselves, as well as their individual products, are certified for import into the USA and Europe. This includes products on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization list, as well as CE and ISO compliance.

I also ensure that my sourcing teams check my products locally in the countries in which they are produced.

My company www.thesafertraveler.com is a registered importer and I only work with the best partners in the business.

I inspect, kit, pack and ship in the US from our facility in Kentucky. Our teams are all wearing Face Masks and gloves when handling our high quality Face Masks.

You can always trust that I will go above and beyond to ensure that my products are of high quality and provide the protection you need, to help you better overcome the challenges of travel, and everyday life in the pandemic we are all suffering under.

I constantly test ideas for new products, that will work when you go to the airport, through the airport and when you are in the air.

So stay tuned!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries, I am here to help. Thank you for visiting my store.

Lotte Gjerding

Founder and owner of www.thesafertraveler.com

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