Dreams of Travel…

Dreams of Travel…

There’s something about travelling that stirs curiosity within me, with all the sights, sounds and different cultures to take in. 

I’ve always appreciated being able to travel, but being told by the government to stay home has led me to appreciate it on a whole new level!

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, my desire to travel has only grown stronger, making me want to jump on the next available flight to a new destination. I dream of tasting authentic local cuisine from a Caribbean island and swimming with sea turtles in the Mexican Gulf.

These amazing experiences are made all the better when I meet new friends with the same need to immerse themselves in feelings of freedom.

Snorkling with turtles

“To Travel Is to Live!” 

When travelling, my husband and two kids are always by my side, as I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to take your children everywhere you go. But of course, some places are more appropriate than others. As H.C. Anderson once wrote “to travel is to live” and kids learn so much when they travel.

Fortunately, the school they attend shares this ideology -  that you should travel and return with lots of stories and experiences to share with others. We’ve been to far-flung places in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the US and the Caribbean, so my kids have learnt much about the cultural differences that exist around the world, as well as how to act respectfully in other countries.

Flamingo's in the Caribbean

Amazing & Diverse Culinary Experiences

Food-wise, they’ve been ‘forced’ to taste some weird and wonderful dishes that range from bugs to alligators, frog legs and camel meat. It truly is a privilege to be able to travel with my kids and watch how they evolve as human beings when visiting different cultures and making potential long-term friendships.

Frog legs in France

Over the years, my perception of international travel has not changed. I believe that it represents a powerful tool with which to unite people - especially in modern times where many have become separated, isolated, depressed or struggling to keep their small businesses afloat. 

Think Globally, But Act Locally

As the adage goes “think globally, but act locally” and I feel there’s some sense to it. There are still destinations that rely on the income that tourists provide and where locals cannot survive by acting locally. These destinations very much need our support, particularly after the impact of the pandemic. Read IMF's article on this subject here.

When it comes to business, many are struggling to keep their doors open, with mandated ‘stay at home’ working introduced in many countries. Video conferencing and remote working has greatly increased during Covid-19, but it has come at a cost. 

Employees have lost much in terms of socialising and that personal touch that’s required to secure those important business contracts. That’s not to say that video conferencing isn’t adequate for the job, but face to face interaction has always been more effective. Take a look at this Forbes article on the subject here.

More Gets Done Face to Face

To put it into perspective, my husband’s company accomplished more in 5 days of off-site face-to-face meetings than they did in 2 months of video conferencing. The need to be around others for work and socialising is vital, as it represents an essential step in the creation of positive relationships with prospects and existing clients. 

For more data on face-to-face vs remote meetings, take a look at here.

As a nation, we’ve learned to cope with PCR tests, antigen tests and proper face masks - something that has allowed us to freely navigate through airports, railway stations and bus terminals. We’ve been schooled in proper social distancing and hand hygiene, so there’s no excuse for us not to be out there travelling.

Playing in the mountain river

Travel Enriches the Spirit In Us All

Travel is important, not just for business, but also for the human spirit, which becomes enriched with each trip you take. Pursuing your travel dreams and exploring new cultures is what connects everyone on the planet together.

Read my blog "Will travel recover from Covid-19" here.

Let’s make the world a travel destination once again, simply by using our common sense.

Let’s go and grab our travel dreams and here’s to a happy 2022!