Thanksgiving is just around the corner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner

Finally we can all look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our loved ones again. Just think about last year, and how isolated we all were. 


No air traffic flying you from state to state, or to international destinations, for that matter. Restrictions on busses and trains. 2020 was definitely a challenge, both socialwise and for the lack of traveling.


During the pandemic, we have learned how to maneuver with social distancing, wearing masks and how to wash our hands regular. It is almost like we have adopted a new set of habits. It has become something we just do without thinking about it.


I sure did not think about it when I was going to France this October. 

I had packed my Safe Traveler Kit in my onboard luggage and of course the kids had one Safe Traveler Kit for themselves.

Whenever we needed to sanitize an area, like the folding table on the plane, we just grabbed the Travel Kit and cleaned table and whatever area needed to be cleaned.

In France masks was mandatory when visiting restaurants or when going into shops, and to be honest, it really did not bother me. I had plenty of masks in my Traveler Kit. I think, to be able to travel again and feel the joy and inspiration from another country, it was a small price to pay wearing the masks.


And this leads me back to Thanksgiving.

I hope a lot of You will be able to travel again and feel the joy and excitement when you are heading out from the airport, bus terminal or train station. The great feeling of soon gathering together with your family again.

When you start planning your trip, do not forget to purchase your Safe Traveler Kit. It makes a big difference knowing that your masks are certified and that the plastic bag itself comes in an antimicrobial packaging, reducing the spread of bacteria, virus and mold.

The Traveler Kit comes with a built-in waste pouch, so you don’t need to mess around with the used masks, antiseptic wipes or the nitrile gloves. Just place it in the waste pouch, and throw it all out when you have reached your destination. 

You will be able to protect your loved ones when protecting yourself.


Stay Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!